Client Needs Assessment and Information Gathering

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Client Needs Assessment and Information Gathering

Information Gathering

Twenty hours spent on a needs assessment can easily save forty hours of development time during the building of the site.

Discovery | Wikipedia User Needs Analysis
New Website PDF Questionaire | Needs Assessment Checklist

Website Planning Guide

Very Long 3 Part Article by Smashing Magazine a VERY Valuable Full Depth Long Read Schedule a few Hours to Cover in Depth and Worth Every Minute!!

Smashing Magazine Article Part 1 | Smashing Magazine Article part 2
Smashing Magazine Article Part 3

Short List Best Of Development Process

* Development Process * | * Outline Design and Development * |

Project Phases

* 1. Information Gathering , Discovery*

2. Planning

3. Design

4. Content Writing and Assembly

5. Coding

6. Testing, Review and Launch

7. Maintenance


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