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Project Management

** Project Manager Project Planning ** ** IT Project Management **

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Aha io
Project Discovery Steps

Information Gathering
Thought Map
Road Map
Project Management


Node js


Project Management Web Development Process


1. Information Gathering
2. Planning
3. Design
4. Content Writing and Assembly
5. Coding
6. Testing, Review and Launch
7. Maintenance
8. Close Out

Step 1: Information Gathering Wants and Needs Assessment, Discovery, Target Audience

Client Questionaire | * Wants and Needs Assessment Example 2 * | 100 Questions |
How to Identify the Target Audience | ** Shopify Guide to Projects Schedules **

Step 2: Planning

Planning Overview Thought Map with coggle.it | Scope of Work (SOW) | * Scope of Work (SOW) 2 *

* Launch Checklist Aha *

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) | WBS Text Doc | * WBS *

** Aha Roadmapping Guide **

Timeline | * Phases of Web Design Process *
Shopify Guide to Project Schedules | * Work Types *

Timeline Example

1. Information Gathering 2 weeks
2. Planning 3 weeks
3. Design 3 weeks
4. Content Writing and Assembly 2 weeks
5. Coding 6 weeks
6. Testing, Review and Launch 2 weeks
7. Maintenance Ongoing Monthly

Clearly Define Technical Requirements


Google Sitemap

Step 3: Design

Colors, Fonts, Sections, Top fold, Calls to Action



Layouts Grids Multiple Page Layouts

Layouts | Grid Layout Templates


Wireframe Sketch


Mockup Layout


Responsive Screens Mobile - Tablet - Laptop - Large Monitors

Screen Sizes Responsive Design

Step 4: Content




Step 5: Coding

Clearly Define Technical Requirements

Features, Functions, Systems, Blog, CRM, Forms, Applications, Events, Forums, Intranet, Email, Email Marketing, Social Media, Virtual Tours Slide Show, Search Features,

* Work Types *

8) Production (P) is the use of a web developer to produce browser-based templates and collateral elements which meet project goals and guidelines. This includes HTML5, XHTML, cascading style sheets (CSS), (SCSS), (SAAS) and basic JavaScript, jQuery.

Tech Stack

Lamp Stack, Linux, Apache, MySql, PHP

Open Source HTML 5, CSS 3, SASS, Less, jQuery, JavaScript, Node JS, Angular, React, Etc

Step 6: Testing, Browser, Performance, Review, Adjust, and Launch

Google Lighthouse

Step 7: Maintenance

Peak Performance Maintenance Tasks

Step 8: Close Out

* Close Out *

Involve Stakeholders - Involve all project participants and stakeholders in the close-out process.

Use a Checklist - Review the close-out checklist template to make sure all key items have been completed.

Solicit Feedback - Conduct a post-project survey to solicit feedback on the project from the project team, customers, and stakeholders who were well-acquainted with the management of the project.

Identify Lessons Learned - Convene a lessons learned session to promote the success of future projects.

Archive Data - Archive all project data in a central repository. Include best practices, lessons learned, and any other relevant project documentation. Formal data archives should be stored in compliance with US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) regulations.

Celebrate - Celebrate and reward project success.

Phased Close-Out - The project closing process is generally phased over a period of time, rather than being a single event. Depending on the project type, project close out can begin as deliverables are completed, iterations/phases closed, or at the end of the project. The project manager must ensure that the sponsor and steering committee understand and support the project closing process to reduce final project implementation risks.

Manage Resources - The project manager may face requests to release staff from the project team before all project closing tasks are finished. The project manager should anticipate these requests, considering both project goals and staff capabilities.

Confidentiality - Upon closing subcontractor contracts, consider the confidentiality of the contracts before potentially sharing with the client.

Project Management Resources

PMI | * PMBOK * | PM Docs
Deliverables | Deliverables 2
Planio SOW | * Guide Website Development * | Communication Plan
Project Manager Website

Project Research

** Project Research Success ** | Project Research Strategy Discovery Phase

Project Plans

Project Docs | Google Docs Project Plan and Checklist | Triple Constraint