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User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)

User Interface (UI)

User Experience (UX)

Interaction Design UX-Design | Google Chrome Developers 1 Liners 1 Line Layout Examples

In this dynamic talk, Una goes over the power of modern CSS layout techniques by highlighting a few key terms and how much detail can be described in a single line of code. Learn a few layout tricks you can implement in your codebase today, and be able to write entire swaths of layout with just a few lines of code.

CSS Alignment

Alignment | Bootstrap Horizontal Alignment | Smashing Magazine CSS Alignment
CSS Tricks Centering | CSS Centering | Geeks for Geeks Align

CSS Font

W3 CSS Font | CSS Tricks Font Properties | Typography

Font Awesome

Font Awesome Cheat Sheet

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V5 Bootstrap

** V5 Bootstrap **

* CSS Layout io * | CSS Reference io | ** Shay Howe CSS **
* CSS Tricks Almanac *
CSS Learn Layout TOC | CSS Learn Layout | CSS Position Marksheet io
CSS Position Educative io | CSS Position Medium | CSS Position Flaviocopes
Opacity CSS Tricks

CSS W3 Schools

* W3 Schools CSS Home * | * W3 Schools CSS Reference *
Align Center Left Right | W3Schools CSS
CSS Grid | CSS Align | CSS Layout
* CSS Ultimate Guide * | * CSS Zen *
Kevin Powell CSS
Improve your CSS by Keepin' it DRY | Kevin Powell YouTube Channel

CSS Bootstrap

Bootstrap CSS | Grid | Align
Images Align | Bootstrap Vertical Alignment |
CSS Display inline block |

CSS Flexbox

CSS Flexbox |

Foundation Zurb

Foundation | Site Docs | Email Docs

CSS Tips and Tricks

li first child for navigation of logo |

CSS Responsive Images

W3 Responsive Images | MDN Responsive Images | Bootstrap 4 Responsive Image |

Ul Li Example...Not Good I think due to bootstrap..

  • A
  • B
  • C
  • D
  • E

VS Code, Emmet, ! Tab, cdn Bootstrap,


Templates Main | Fonts Importing |

Short List Best Of

* Development Process * | * Outline Design and Development * | * Bootstrap Quick Start * | CDN JS Font Awesome | Coggle Thoughtmap | Wireframe | Canva |

Best Leveraging Tools

Emmet | * Dev Hints Emmet Cheatsheet * | Scotch IO Emmet | Text Expander

CSS Images

CSS Background Image Size | Gulp Image Compression | SVG Go | Image Responsive Bootstrap 4


SASS Basics

CSS Colors, Gradients and Opacity

MDN CSS Colors | CSS Tricks Gradients | CSS Opacity | Code Pen Example Opacity
Design Course YT | TailBlocks | Tailwind CSS


Sass Meister

Layout Grids, Rows and Columns

Canva | Colorlib | Idealware | Mockflow
Moqups | Figma Layout-Grids Canva Golden Ratio

Get Bootstrap

* Bootstrap CDN * | Bootstrap Starter Template | Bootstrap Getting Started
Layout Overview | Grid Mix and Match

Generic CSS

Shay Howe Box Model | w3 Box Model | CSS Tricks Box Model
CSS Layout TOC | CSS Reference io | MDN CSS Reference

CSS Flexbox and Grid Row

Youtube Flexbox Tutorial | Box Sizing Border Box |
Codepen Flexbox Examples | MDN Grid Row CSS | ** Grid by Example **
CSS Tricks Grid Guide |

BEM and Other Naming Conventions

BEM Info | BEM 101

Other Tips and Tricks



W3 Schools Html | MDN Semantic Elements
MDN Elements Reference

Content Creation and Content Curation

Juicer Fresh Daily Content | Curata | Constant Contact Blog | Medium Content Curation


Font Awesome Cheat Sheet | Google Fonts | Bootstrap Typography |
Adobe Fonts


Color Hex | *Colour | Coolors Themes | Color Hunt
** Canva Color Themes **


Placeholder | Pexels | Pixabay
Google Dev Image Optimization | Kraken IO | Litmus Image Compression |
Images Guide

Gather Assets Mis en Plac

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Write Box | A Soft Murmur Rain Sounds |

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