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Email Marketing Guide

Source: Opt In Monster

Email Service Provider

Validate Email


** Bensound Audio **

HTML Email Templates

Email Template 001

Email Template 002

Email Template 003

Email Template 004

Email Template 005

Resource: Really Good Emails


My Emma Inline CSS
Editors Codepen
Editors Atom
Litmus Builder
Email on Acid

Pre Flight Checklist

30 to 50 items in checklist

** Acid Preflight **
** Automizy Checklist **
** Campaign Monitor Preflight **
** Copy Blogger Checklist **

Teachable Tips

20 Minutes a Day Course Creation
Teachable Curriculum
Create Slides
Quality Audio
Create and Publish

Building a Class Curriculum

Create a Curriculum
Develop a Curriculum
Craft a Curriculum
YT Sketchnoting
Course Outline


Storytelling Canvas

Jump Start Kit Includes:

  • 3 Mobile Templates
  • Scripts and Dialogues
  • List Builder
  • Email Editor
  • SMTP Server
  • CRM Solution

  • ** Dubsado What to Say **
    * Thesaurus *
    ** Large Syllabus Example **
    ** Litmus **
    ** Clickthrough Rates **
    Pro Tips 1
    Pro Tips 2
    ** Convert Kit **
    Get App Reviews

    Email List Hygiene How Accurate is Your List

    ** Sendgrid List Hygiene 5 Tips **
    ** Litmus List Hygiene **
    * Zero Bounce *
    * Campaign Monitor List Hygiene *
    Source: My Emma Spam Words

    Grammarly Tips

    Length of a Paragraph

    Digital Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    Thought Map
    Project Plan



    Node js


    Workflow Overview

    Target Audience, Segments

    Contacts Database, List Hygiene

    Double Opt-in

    Topic, *Purpose, The What

    Design, Campaign Creatives

    Subject Line

    Copywriting, Campaign Content Overview

    CTA, Incentives, Value

    Preflight Checklist


    Add Value, Build Trust

    Analytics, A/B, Test, Refine

    Bounce Rates



    Buy A List

    Ignore Unsubs

    List Hygiene

    ** Neverbounce **

    Email Service Providers (ESP)

    SMTP togo

    Formerly Hoolie

    ** Group Mail **
    * Sendgrid *
    ** Moo Send ESP and why should you care **
    Litmus Article
    ESP Long List
    Stripo Email
    Small Business ESP

    Course: Email Marketing Campaigns for Restaurateurs and Managers

    Problem: Restaurateurs and Managers are typically too stressed out, over worked, and email marketing is too complex, time consuming and frustrating. Not enough time in the day or week to execute a campaign
    Solution: Organized, Simplified, Usable

    Benefits of Email Marketing Campaigns for Restaurateurs and Managers

    Heirarchy > Course > Modules > Lesson

    Videos, Text, Exercises Hands-On, Workbook, Theory, Practice

    Powtoon planner

    Module A

    Lesson x: Importance of Permission Based Email Marketing

    Source: Moosend - What is an ESP and Why Should You Care? |
    Source: Lyfe Marketing Permission Based Email Marketing
    Source: Constant Contact Permission Based Email Marketing
    Source: Constant Contact Can Spam Act Article
    Source: Constant Contact Opt-In


    local version for speed testing as opposed to pt servers

    Module: B

  • 1.0: Overview: Benefits of Email Marketing for Restaurateurs and Managers

  • 1.1 Personalized Message

  • Source: Campaign Monitor What is Email Personalization?
    Source: Sendgrid Benefits of Email Personalization
    Source: Myemma ** 6 Tips for Personalization **

  • 1.2 Detail: Targeted Message, Audience Segment, Example: Brunch but Never Dinner

  • Source: ** LocalIQ Targeted Email Marketing ** | Source: Omnisend Targeted Email Marketing
    Source: Wordstream Targeted Email Marketing Strategies
    Source: Active Campaign Targeted Email Marketing

  • 1.3 Relationship Building, Know Your Customer

  • Source: Constant Contact Why Email Marketing
    Source: Campaign Monitor Customer Relationship Building in Email Marketing
    Source: Active Campaign Building Client Relationship Building in Email Marketing

  • 1.4 Increase Head Count, Frequency of Visits, Revenues and Cash Flow

  • Animation Placeholder

    ** Increase Headcount Attract More Customers **
    ** The Money is in Your List and Customer Loyalty **
    ** Attract New Customers **

    Module: C

    Building Your Quality Restaurant email marketing List: Permission Based! Double Opt-In
  • 2.1 Give Away Something of Value in exchange for an email sign-up
  • Leverage Giveaways | What and When Giveaways
  • x.x You Determine the Road Map, Where do You want to take your Email Marketing, Topic?
  • Discover the Value of Having a Road Map..Editorial Calendar 1
    Discover the Value of Having a Road Map..Editorial Calendar 2 | Discover the Value of Having a Road Map..Editorial Calendar 3
  • 2.2 To Fill Out a Survey
  • 2.3 Utilize the Feedback in Messaging
  • 2.4 Increase Headcount, Frequency, Ticket Average and Revenues
  • 2.5 Invite them to a Wine Tasting Event
  • Wine Tasting Event | ** Restaurant Email Marketing Promotion Ideas 1 **
    ** Restaurant Email Marketing Promotion Ideas 2 **
    ***** Exercise *****

    Hands on Exercise and Workbook

    How to Identify the Topic or Promotion of an Email Campaign..What are we going to talk about?
    Determine Goods and or Services to Promote

    Module xyz

    Best Practices Planning in Advance

    Really Good Emails Welcome Email

    Module: D

    Subject Line and Content

    Section 3: Email Campaign Creation, Subject Line, Content, Ad Copy, Copywriting, Story Telling
  • 3.1 Subject Line
  • ** Opt in Monster Guide ** | Campaign Monitor Subject Line | Wordstream Subject Line


    Source: ** Delivra 100 Great Subject Lines **
  • 3.2 Copywriting
  • 3.3 Ad Copy
  • 3.4 Storytelling
  • 3.5 Editing, Proofreading, Typos, Grammar Check

  • Module: E

    Section: x.x Email Campaign Design Templates

    ** Campaign Monitor ** | ** Really Good Emails **
    Section 4: Creatives, Images, Icons, Borders
  • 4.1 Icons
  • 4.2 Images, Dimensions, Compression,
  • 4.3 Block Quotes
  • 4.4 In-Line CSS
  • 4.5 Borders, Decoration, In-Line CSS

  • Section 5: Creatives Responsive, Phone, Tablet, Laptop, Desktop
  • 5.1 Responsive Considerations
  • 5.2 Mobile
  • 5.3 Tablet
  • 5.4 Laptop
  • 5.5 Desktop

  • Module xyz abc 123 or Section

    Technical Software Tools

    inline CSS, Image compression, icons, borders, video in email???, ide, smtp, from who?,

    nuts and bolts actually building the campaign maybe a checklist

    tools, toolbox, litmus builder, vs code, atom, textastic, smtp configuration and checklists,

    Software Apps
    VS Code | Litmus Builder | Textastic
    Testing and Proofing Before Sending
  • 6.1 What to Look and Test For
  • 6.2
  • 6.3 PRE-Send Checklist!!!
  • Campaign Monitor Checklist | Rev Fox Checklist | Omni Send Checklist
    Test Test Test and Test Again
  • 6.4

  • Module: Post Send Analytics

    Section 7: Bounce Rate, Unsubscribes, Open Rates, Conversion Rates
  • 7.1
  • 7.2
  • 7.3
  • 7.4
  • 7.5

  • Section 8: A/B Variations Testing
  • 8.1
  • 8.2
  • 8.3
  • 8.4
  • 8.5

  • Section 9: Analytics
  • 9.1
  • 9.2
  • 9.3
  • 9.4
  • 9.5

  • Module:

    Section 10: Pitfalls and Potholes Do's and Donts

  • 10.1 Buying a List
  • 10.2 Spam
  • 10.3 Ignoring Double Opt-In
  • 10.4 High Bounce Rate Gets You Tossed Out
  • 10.5 List Hygiene

  • Jump Start Kit

    Hands on Exercises

    Class Work in Progress

    Planning Guide and Workbook

    Finished Usable Work for Production

    Review and Re-Cap Rating, Done

    Roadmap Where you are now...You are Here..1 of 6??

    Benefits of HTML Email Campaigns

    ** Benefits **
    Creating personalized content
    Collecting feedback and surveys
    Improving sales
    Communicating with your audience
    Generating traffic to your site

    Resources and Sources

    Key Demographics, Personalized, Engagement, Customer Journey Unique, Educate, Enable,

    Email Database Building Double Opt-in Vs Single Opt-In

    Mailchimp Single vs Double Opt-In | * Campaign Monitor Double Opt-In * | Big Commerce Double Opt-In
    Mailer Lite Double Opt-In | ** Sumo Double Opt-In ** | ** Marketo Opt-In **
    * Campaign Monitor Opt-in Best Practices * | ** HTML.com Email Marketing Step by Step **

    Email Deliverability. Email deliverability is the ability to deliver emails to subscribers' inboxes. It is what some marketers use to gauge the likelihood of their email campaigns reaching their subscribers' inboxes related to actual delivery–like ISPs, throttling, bounces, spam issues, and bulking.
    Source: Campaign Monitor
    Email engagement is a measure of how people interact with your emails. Open rate, click rate, and conversion rate are the most common email engagement metrics. You can measure email engagement, but how you measure it depends on a different question.
    Source: Active Campaign

    Overview of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

    create, send, analyze, a/b testing, clickthrough rates

    Identify Your Target Audience and Demographics

    Step 1: Gather and Scrub Database

    Step 2: Design, Create and Test Email Campaign(s)

    Step 3: Campaign Delivery

    Step 4: Performance Analytics Reports

    Open Rates

    ClickThrough Rates

    Bounce Rates


    Step 5: A/B Multivariate Testing


    Pitfalls and Potholes...To Be Avoided at All Costs

    Bonus: To avoid and not waste time, energy and money

    Acceptable Use Policies

    Active Campaign Acceptable Use Policy | Mailchimp Acceptable Use Policy |

    My experience of a high bounce rate and losing the use of the tool until cleaned up the list..list hygene..

    Note: Adobe Business Catalyst, cost me over $500.00 due to the rules and policy, pre pay for a number of sends

    cost time, money, resources, had to create a scrub javascript app

    Do NOT Buy A List!!!
    Do NOT SPAM!
    Do NOT Ignore Unsubscribes!

    Email Marketing Resources

    ** Proper Source Citation ** | Annoying Email Marketing

    AWS Email Services,

    expand your online presence in a measurable way through a customized marketing strategy.

    Test and render your emails across the most popular clients, apps and devices

    find, convert, engage, and retain more customers

    a full service email consulting firm that helps develop revenue streams and grow engaged audiences through strategic consultation and email marketing support for businesses looking to improve email-driven revenue.

    Engage and retain more customers automatically

    helps you separate the low-quality addresses from high-value contacts. Protect your reputation, increase open rates

    create exercise
    create workbook

    *** "create a role play scenario with customer journey mapping"
    thoughtful customer experience by refining customer journeys to boost conversions, build highly personalized and relevant communications and maximize ROI

    delivers rich customer experiences

    Mailgun is a developer-focused email delivery platform that empowers companies to send, receive, and track transactional and marketing emails through an API.

    Shaw + Scott is a digital communications agency with a passion for customer relationship marketing. They specialize in strategic, creative and technical solutions to help define, craft and support your email, mobile, social and web campaigns.

    Responsive Email Design Templates

    ** Litmus Templates ** | ** Campaign Monitor Responsive Templates **
    ** Colorlib Responsive Templates ** | Campaign Monitor Creative Examples
    ***** HTML Templates *****
    ** Great Example Colorlib Restaurant Template ** ** Github Restobar Template HTML File **

    Design Aspects to Consider

    Layout, Logos, Colors, Images, Fonts, Icons, SVG, Opacity, Blurr, UX, UI

    Email Marketing Best Practices

    ** Hubspot Best Practices ** |

    Content What to Say Sequence

    ** Dubsado What to Say in Email Message Body **

    Key Production Apps, Software, Platforms and Technical Tools in the Toolbox

    Email Editor App is Hool.ie now known as Group Mail

    ** Group Mail ** | ** SMTP to Go ** | Less Annoying CRM
    ** Get Response ** |

    Work Flow in a Nutshell

    Decide on Message Topic

    Gather Assets



    Layout, Design, Template, Responsive




    Analytics, Measure Results

    Scrub List, Remove Unsubscribes

    Adjust, Learn, Repeat

    Workflow | Workflow Why

    More Email Marketing Sources

    ** Get Response ** | ** Litmus ** | * Wiki Email Marketing *
    Constant Contact|
    Mail Chimp | ** Email on Acid ** | Iterable
    Salesforce Email Studio | Active Campaign | ** Mailgun **

    Email Testing and Validation Tools

    Mail Tester | ** Mail Tester Zero Bounce ** | Hunter

    Content Creation, Copywriting and Ad Copy

    ** Content for Email Marketing **

    Subject Line and A/B Testing

    Subject Line that Converts | ** Word Stream Increase Open Rates **

    Datatype and CSV, Import Export Data File Type Conversion

    List Segment


    A/B Multi Variant Testing


    Mail Parser Integrations |


    HubSpot Integrations

    Advanced Topics and Enterprise Level Platforms

    ** Campaign Monitor-CM-Commerce Automated ** | ** Mailgun DKIM Article **

    Domain Authority

    ** MOZ Domain Authority **

    Video, Animation in Email

    Hippo Video | Word Stream Video in Email | Campaign Monitor Video in Email
    ** Litmus Guide to Animation in Email **
    ***** Ted Talk Doodle *****

    YouTube Channels

    Email on Acid YT Channel | Litmus Channel YT