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Goal Setting



** Work Types and Rates **
** Project Plan **
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** Clarity and Specificity of a Task **
** Print a Calendar **
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** Income Generation Activities **
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Systems ~vs~ Goals

creating a repeatable set of actions
Systems vs Goals
Fall In Love With Systems
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HBR Productivity
15 Tiny Ways to Be Productive
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Powerful Income Producing Activities
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MSCW Prioritization
RICE Scoring Model
Prioritization Matrix
5 Secrets of Prioritization
Zapier Prioritization Technique
Ruthless Prioritization
5 = Highest Importance
4 = Important
3 = Some Importance
2 = Not Important
1 = Forget It! Let it go!

Productivity Apps

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Effective vs Efficient

** Which is More Important **
HBR Effective Decision
Clarification of Goals
Clarity of Purpose
Clear purpose gives you comfort and direction!
Clear purpose gives you comfort and direction!
Doing the Right Tasks
** Decisive Action Plan **
From Concept to Fruition
Business Idea to Fruition


Bottom Line
Here’s the simple system to keep your mind on track while you work:
  • Know your goals.
  • Know the actions to get there.
  • Set a goal to do a set number of those actions daily.
  • Track your performance objectively.
  • Review and adjust.

    Daily Action List

    ** Actually Doing ***

    Decision Making

    Break the tasks into smaller steps-Sometimes looking at a large task is overwhelming so break it into smaller tasks. Tackling “marketing strategies” is overwhelming. Break it into bite-sized pieces; teleseminars, speaking engagements, website design, etc. Chew on these small pieces until they’re all gone.

    The goal is to cut through all the distractions and only work on the core items that will actually move your life forward.
    ** Ruthless Prioritization **

    * Developer Roadmap *


    Thought Map
    Project Plan

    Video Audio Animation


    Node js


    Productivity ~ Effective ~ vs ~ Effecient

    Journey Before Destination
    Systems and Habits
    Being effective is about doing the right things, while being efficient is about doing things right.
    * Effective Habits ** | Effective vs Efficient Defined
    Remarkably effective people apply the same framework to the decisions they make. "Will this help me reach my goal? If not, I won't do it."

    Now let’s look at what effectiveness is. Checking the dictionary again we find that effectiveness is all about doing the right tasks regardless of the time it takes. Continuing with our lead generation example above, if your actual goal is to generate a sale a mass email blast is normally really ineffective. Sure, you contact a lot of people at once, but how often do they actually open and read your generic marketing email, let alone click through and buy whatever you’re selling?

    A much more effective way to make a real sale is to take the time to research a potential client or customer and send them a custom email detailing how your product could help their specific situation with a few ideas on how they could implement it.

    They're much more likely to respond to a message like this with very clear steps than to a generic message. Boom! You've got one sale, even if it has taken you an entire afternoon—or even longer—to make it.

    Revenue Generating Activities (RGA)

    ** Revenue Generating Activities ** | ** YT RGA **

    To have a successful business, you must have the following things:

  • 1) Leads
  • 2) Offers
  • 3) Sales
  • If you don’t have these, you have a hobby, not a business. Because without leads, offers, and sales, you don’t generate any revenue.
    ** Forbes: Revenue Generating **

    So what are some revenue-generating activities?

  • Cold Calling
  • Sending Proposals
  • Emailing your list an offer
  • Sending out an affiliate offer
  • Asking current clients for referrals
  • Asking past clients for referrals
  • Following up with referrals
  • Setting up product demos
  • Answering new lead inquiries

  • Income Producing Activities (IPA)

    Highest and Best Use of Focus, Time, Energy and Resources in Order of Priority and Impact
    ** Priotitization Matrix ** | ** Small Biz Survival IPA ** | ** Revenue Generating Tasks **
    Tasks that Generate Income |
    ** Wendy Maynard Working ON Your Business **
    ** Wendy Maynard Build a Lead Magnet **

    Prioritize Your Income Producing Activities Think about everything you do in a given week (you may need to keep a log to see what you really do). Your goal is to have as many Level 1 and Level 2 activities as possible. Commit to eliminating or delegating as many non-Income Producing Activities as you can. Then, focus on using all the time you’ve saved to do those activities that generate revenue and build relationships.

    Tasks for Cash


    Checking the dictionary again we find that effectiveness is all about doing the right tasks regardless of the time it takes.

    * Ladder and Wall Concept *
    “If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.” — Stephen Covey

    Deep Work

    “Professional activity performed in a state of distraction-free concentration that push your cognitive capabilities to their limit. These efforts create new value, improve your skill, and are hard to replicate.”

    ** Highly Productive ** ** Cal Newport Deep Work **
    Pomodoro Technique | Codepen
    * Coggle * | Js Console | Write Box
    Time and Date | Calendar
    Time and Date
    World Clock Meeting Planner | JavaScript Calendar

    Systems vs Goals


    ** 5 Evernote Setups ** | Click Up
    * Systems -vs- Goals * | James Clear Systems | Overcome Distractions

    Getting Things Done (GTD)

    Weekly Review
    GTD Weekly Review | * Evernote GTD * | GTD Weekly Mind Sweep


    Pomodoro Time Blocks
    Lead Generation
    Skill Builder

    Choosing the Right Thing to Focus on

    Getting Simple | One Thing | One Thing at a Time
    Reflect, Consider and Evaluate | Daily Action Items | Action Items and Next Steps
    Deep Work | Deep Work 2 | GTD Lifehacker

    Ideas for Productivity

    Text Expander
    Remove Distractions
    * Systems, Habits, Process and Routines *
    GTD ish
    Pen and Paper Everywhere
    Thought Maps..Mind Maps
    Effective ~ Efficient ~ Productive

    Daily Trackers and Planners Digital and Paper Based

    Hybrid Planner Digital and Paper | Passion Planner Paper Based | Dayone App |
    Project and Task List
    Calendar details
    Research and Reference Materials
    Meetings Agenda and Notes
    Project Quote
    Advanced Project Management
    Time Tracking
    Payment System

    Local, Cloud, App, Paper??? Who is the Primary and Where is the Backup??

    Textastic, Text Expander to build daily scratchpad segments, Primary Daily. Where to keep backups?, maybe google drive and or icloud??

    Lead Gen
    Close the Deal

    work types time keeping etc...

    Retainer Definition Clockify Time Keeper

    Just Enough Project Management and System Size

    Work Type
    Timeline Calendaring
    Project Plan | Project Planning Step by Step

    Favorite YouTube Channels

    ** Brad Traversy ** | * Jesse Showalter * | Web Dev Simplified
    Kevin Powell | ** Fireship ** | * DarkCode *
    Design Course

    Website Design and Development Process

    8 Phases of Website Development | Web Site Design and Development Process | Example 1 | Pre-Launch Check List
    Sitepoint Checklist | SEO Testing Checklist | Usability Checklist | * W3 Docs *

    Domain Name System (DNS)

    ** Authoritative Name Server ** | Wiki Name Servers | Cloudflare What is DNS | * Digital Ocean DNS Terminology *
    Split Domain Routing is Not Simple
    Techno Pedia Split DNS and MX Records |

    MX Records

    MX Toolbox | DreamHost What is MX Records |


    * Shay Howe * | Prexant Beginner Guide |


    Flexbox |


    Road Mapping University of Cambridge | Road Map Templates | Thought Map |
    Emmet.io | Livestyle.io | Placeholder.com

    Mac Resources

    Terminal Guide | Mac keyboard Shortcuts | Snazzy Labs Mac Tips

    Resources General

    Woorank SEO |

    Microsoft Visual Studio Code

    Visual Studio | VS Code Docs | VS Code Extensions |
    * YT Visual Studio Code Introduction * | Keyboard Shortcut pdf

    Adobe Creative Cloud

    Photoshop Tips | Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts | Photoshop Cheat Sheet 2 |
    Adobe Illustrator
    | Illustrator Vector Shapes |
    Premier Pro
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    After Effects
    Keyboard Shortcuts |

    Web Development Project Management

    Project Plan | Web Project Management | Large Commercial Project Plan


    Guide to Website Wireframing| Moqups | Balsamiq


    Adobe Photoshop | Image Aspect Screen Ratio 16 - 9 |


    Adobe Premier Pro | Adobe After Effects |


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    Fonts - Typography

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    Responsive Web Design and Development

    Screen Dimensions | Smashing Magazine Article | Mozilla Article | W3C
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    dribbble.com | Bootstrap | Foundation| Skeleton
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    Mustache JS |

    Performance Testing and Validation

    Chrome Dev Tools Performance Testing | DreamHost SSL Certificate Overview | Google SSL |
    Cert Hosting Providers | What's My DNS |
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    Other Tools and Resources

    Gradients| Buttons| * Placehold.it * | Date and Time |

    Code Snippets


    ! Hot Spots and Lessons Learned !

    DNS ~ Split DNS Registrars, authoritative DNS servers and Troubleshooting

    DNS Propagation Checker | DNS Management |

    To add an A Record, keep in mind the @ symbol is fine, it will not interfere with mx records for mail

    Registrar = Authoritative Entity,

    The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phonebook of the Internet | DNS Overview DreamHost | DNS record

    DNS records (aka zone files) are instructions that live in authoritative DNS servers and provide information about a domain including what IP address is associated with that domain and how to handle requests for that domain. These records consist of a series of text files written in what is known as DNS syntax. DNS syntax is just a string of characters used as commands which tell the DNS server what to do. All DNS records also have a ‘TTL’, which stands for time-to-live, and indicates how often a DNS server will refresh that record.

    DNS A record |

    The ‘@’ here indicates that this is a record for the root domain, and the ‘14400’ value is the TTL (Time To Live), listed in seconds. The default TTL for A records is 14400 seconds. This means that if an A record gets updated, it takes 240 minutes (14400 seconds) to take effect.

    DNS MX record |

    DreamHost Lessons Learned

    Manage Users, pathing home/dh_r667m2/website example..merricktool.com

    When setting up a new site the user name is the sub folder


    Wufoo | Brad Traversy Contact Form Firebase | Google reCAPTCHA | Developer's Guide
    Google Code Lab Intro |